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Ash Maklad is a nationally recognised producer, audio engineer, sound designer, composer and a specialist in capturing Impactful stories through the narrative of sound. These stories have been told on television, radio, via digital platforms and through music.



Some of our clients and products have included Channel 9, SBS, One Stone Pictures,  DK Advertising, EMI, Universal Music, Ivy League Records, Experience The Pulse, Warner Music and many many more




Ash’s studio ‘Supernova Sound’ is located in a ‘sound attic’ right in the heart of Potts Point, Sydney. The studio vibe captures musicality, and the essence of Kings Cross fun. The space reminiscent of the ‘Glittering Mile’.


Many of Australia’s leading music artists have recorded at Supernova Sound. Names include Sons of The East, Catcall, Expatriate, Shannon Noll, Wendy Matthews, Craig Porteils, Adam Brand, The Voice Kids & Erika Heynatz.



A cosy ProTools HD suite, control surface, large selection of plugins, SFX and isolation booth for vocals, voice overs and anyone else we want to lock in there.


From our earliest meetings, I was impressed with Ash’s knowledge and range of skills across numerous post production fields.
From sound mixing and foley to voice over and sound design. Not to mention his incredible talent for music editing, selection and composition.
As a result, my fellow producers and I jump at every opportunity to work with Ash.
— Nathan Earl, Executive Producer, One Stone Pictures

Give us a creative brief and we will translate that vibe to brand perfection. Name a style, genre, or instrumental and Ash will find a way to bring your brand vision to life via sound.


Working alongside some of Australia’s leading advertising agencies and production studios Ash has a long list of advertising jingles, and moving sound tracks to his name.


Just some of the brands we have jingled up include: Garmin, HCF, OzCar, Insurance Line, Brut, Brydens Lawyers, Oz Car, Scan Pan and Natures Way.


We think vision is 80% sound design. The impact of great sound design piece can be massive, especially with animations. Like music it sets the tone for the emotive response from the viewer. 

We love nothing more than scrolling through our massive SFX collection to make your pictures come to life through sound.


Over the last fifteen years we have mastered the art of sound in television. With expertise in both short form and long form, dome of the shows we have completed include:

Plonk 1 & 2 (stan/channel 9),

Kalgoorlie Cops (foxtel)

60 Minutes (channel 9)

Young & Black (sbs)

Weekend Shift (sbs)

Where Are You Really From? (sbs)


Supernova Sound specialise in music composition for major corporate and media events. Through a detailed briefing process, the Supernova Sound team specialise in unlocking your unique event theme and brief, to customise a powerful brand anthem specially composed to engage and inspire your niche audience. As the saying goes, People may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Supernova Sound will bring your event vibe to life, creating lasting memories through music.

As a premium recording studio, Supernova Sound bring together a portfolio of Australia's most prestigious recording artists and music professionals to add 'star style' to your event soundtrack. The team pride themselves on creating world-class experiences, from your initial inquiry through to the completion of your Supernova Sound composition.

Some of the stars we have worked with include Optus, Spotify & Pandora, Porsche even the Danish Royals!

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