Here's the part where I have to write about myself. Most people write this part in the third person but I'm just going to get to the gist of it.  

So basically it went something like this........  

15 years ago I started out playing in bands wanting to be a rock star. Whilst travelling this path I soon found my true passion to be working in the studio rather than performing on stage. So taking a sharp turn left turn, I slowly weaselled my way into the music biz, working on loads of great artists like Wendy Matthews, Youngs Divas (Sony Music), Erika Heynatz (EMI), Catcall (Ivy League Records), Expatriate (Universal) & King Cannons (EMI) to name a few.

Then from this platform I soon found myself travelling down the road that is the advertising biz, and now having worked on thousands of tvc's for everything from movie trailers for Paramount and Universal to commercials for clients such as Natures Way, ScanPan and even corporate videos for major banks and telcos.   

As well as commercials, I've also dabbled in long form, such as mixing the entire Foxtel series 'Kalgoorlie Cops' which became Foxtel's highest rating documentary of all-time (all thanks to the brilliant sound mix of course). 

I  work closely with some of Sydney's best video production house's on many of these exciting projects and look forward to building these strong relationships into the future


Ash creates a studio environment that is creative, focused and fun. He strives for an experience that not only yields the best vocal performance but in record time. While he is one of the youngest producers I worked with on my record, he was also one of the most professional by a mile.
— Erika Heynatz (recording artist, Legally Blonde The Musical)