Supernova Sound specialise in music composition for major corporate and media events. Through a detailed briefing process, the Supernova Sound team specialise in unlocking your unique event theme and brief, to customise a powerful brand anthem specially composed to engage and inspire your niche audience. As the saying goes, People may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Supernova Sound will bring your event vibe to life, creating lasting memories through music.

As a premium recording studio, Supernova Sound bring together a portfolio of Australia's most prestigious recording artists and music professionals to add 'star style' to your event soundtrack. The team pride themselves on creating world-class experiences, from your initial inquiry through to the completion of your Supernova Sound composition.

Some of the stars we have worked with include Optus, Spotify & Pandora, Porsche even the Danish Royals!